Where to Invest in? Residential Plots or Residential Apartments

Buying residential apartments in Ahmadabad, or for that matter any other city or town in India, is a common affair these days. But when it comes to investing in residential plots; there exists a slight pause. If you are still wondering why investors need more time in deciding upon residential plots in Ahmedabad, or elsewhere, then these views will help you move forward. Take a look.

Residential Plots or Luxury Apartments in Ahmedabad?

Residential Plots = High Price + Lack of Availability

Yes, compared to luxury apartments, residential plots are difficult to find in Category A cities. However, the percentage of investors in category B and C town/ cities is obviously higher because they still prefer to live in sprawling spaces, individual homes, and own the available land in their name. So, whereas only 5-7% of potential home buyers are looking for plots in metro cities, over 30-35% are desirous of investing in residential apartments.

If you are looking for a residential space to move in directly, then look for apartments in Ahmedabad that are in their last stage of construction, or ready for possession. Residential plots in well connected locations will obviously come with heavy price tag and need to be developed. However, if you are in no rush, and are looking towards enjoying the benefits of rapid price appreciation in the property market, then this is the right way to go.

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