What Matter Most? Luxury or Location?

Be it real estate developers in Ahmadabad, Bangalore or any other city in India, they would agree to the how this sector is sensitive to pricing and interest. This rings true for very niche luxury apartments, sky villas and other “exclusive” facilities in this segment; as well as location-specific residential / commercial spaces.

Here’s our take on what matters most: luxury or location?

Builders in Ahmadabad: Concept of Luxury

In the current economic environment, real estate developers in the city are clear about why and how they are including luxury as an essential element of their constructions. For them, luxury is something that is not an absolute necessity: It is simply something that adds to the comfort and pleasure of investors. Indeed, there are not many that can afford luxury housing. The factors of consideration would obviously be the price-point, neighborhood, location, and yes, the created advertising hype. But then, what about the rest? Will they not go for basic amenities and location, rather than snob value?

Real Estate Developers in Bangalore: What’s the Role of Location

Builders in Bangalore agree that location is not an important factor for “aspirational luxury.” But then, when it comes to choosing residential address and “actual luxury,” location is what matters more. So, along with amenities like wireless internet, surveillance and clubhouses, it’s important to have a functional address that makes living easy and hassle-free.

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